Hand Drawn Animation

This is something I just can't get enough. Even if it is super hard and I can't say I'm even half as good as I would like to be and the journey is a constant learn and failure. Still there is something so human in the lines that creates those believable and emoting characters and worlds. Even the best CGI animations has a soul of an algorithm but they are coming better all the time. One of the greatest looking animations today is KLAUS by SPA Studios, which I was also accepted into it's lighting team. It combines 3D and 2D bojects and their interactions very well.


I think animations in it's every form is the purest form of art. All those emotions that comes through the screen builds from nothing. And a world without limits and restrictions is just very fascinating and inspiring.


Rough sketching

Character Design

I'm ready if you are.
Current position:
Art Director @ miltton

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